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Genealogy of the Sheldon Family
INTRODUCTION to the Sheldon Genealogy web site
Finding your way around Description of the structure of the site with details of navigation
Pages of general interest Pages about Sheldons in general which will be of interest
Geographical divisions How the web site is divided geographically
Numbering systems Description of the numbering system used here
How the data is stored Different data is avaliable to download in different formats
Making contributions How you can be involved in developing this web site
Finding your way around

This web site has four main areas in which information about the world-wide Sheldon family may be found. All pages are also listed on the site map.

Site Map This includes a list of all the pages on the site and a searching facility to find any words included anywhere on the site.
General Interest This index will guide you to the pages about people and places which will be of interest to Sheldon researchers. See the section below for further information
Geographical areas We have divided up the world into four main areas of interest and seek to build up a picture of the Sheldons around the world. See the index below.
Databases Collections of raw data taken from census, Parish Registers or personal family histories.
Contributors We invite all those who are researching the Sheldon family world wide to send us their family trees in order to make them avaliable here on-line.
Pages of general interest
Sheldon Tapestry
Gilbert Sheldon
Pilgrim Fathers
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Sydney Harbour
Geographical divisions

In order to divide up this web site we have used the following geographical divisions to present the data. Obviously at this stage the United Kingdom area will be the main focus of intention, but as other controbutors contact us so these other areas will become more populated with Sheldons

USA (Pilgrim Fathers) All of the Sheldon families in the USA who were descended from the four original Pilgrim Fathers are covered by the Sheldon Association. This link describes the Sheldon Family Association of the USA
All other North America There have been many other Sheldon emigrants to North America, especially in the 1800s. All "non-Pilgrim Father" Sheldons included here.
United Kingdom The main focus of this web site, again divided into local areas where Sheldons have originated from.
Europe We have virtually no information at this stage about Sheldon families in Europe, but please contact us if you have any information
Australasia Many Sheldons have emigrated to Australia and New Zealand, and so these pages will contain details about them
Rest of the world Lastly we have a section for anyone else around the world
Numbering systems

Everyone uses a diferent numbering system in their own genealogical research. For the data on this site included by MGS (Mike Sheldon), the following numbering system has been used:

FTM number This is a sequential number given to every person entered on my Family Tree Maker database. I start at 10001 with myself, and then every new person is given the next number. This is unique to me but gives a way of identifying everyone who appears on this web site.
Family number - at birth The birth family number appears as A0894 for a Sheldon family, or N0086 for the family of a Sheldon spouse. This number identifies the family unit into which each child is born. It will of course be the Marriage family number of the child's parents.
Family Number - at marriage When a Sheldon marries, they acquire their second number which is the Marriage Family Number. This is in the same format as the birth family number - A0894. All of the children of this family have this as their birth number, and will themselves in time also acquire a marriage number when they get married and start their own family.

David Sheldon 10127: A0477/A0478 (T002)
Thus, as an example, David Sheldon (my great great grandfather) was given an FTM accession number of 10127 be me as he was entered in my Family Tree Maker database . He was born in 1830 to Thomas and Elizabeth Sheldon whose Marriage Family Number was A0477, and so this is the Birth Family Number of David. In 1851 he married Ann Maria Newton (FTM 10128 and Birth Family Number N0010) and they became Marriage Family Number A0478, and their children all acquired this number as their Birth Family Number. Finally all of these details are contained in a Family Tree page of this web site to which is given the identifying number of T002. This link will take you to that page.

How the data is stored
Most, if not all of the data displayed on this web site appears as html text within a page, and so can be viewed, copied or downloaded in this format
In order to assist downloading, many pages are also stored in PDF format and so can be read by an Adobe Reader, obtainable free from their web site.
Some times large tables of data have been stored in other types of databases, but on this site these will all be available in Excel spreadsheet format to ensure a wider compatability
Finally many family histories may be in Gedcom format which is a standard for the exchange of genealogical information
How you can contribute

As with all genealogical research it is important to verify any facts from as many alternate sources as possible. Much of the original information has to be researched at its source, or purchased from on-line resources and so is not available free on the internet. Our aim is to provide as many free resources as possible, and then indicate where other information may be found.

We encourage all genuine Sheldon researchers to contribute their material to this site so that we may all benefit from each others efforts. We will not enter into any correspondence with informal enquirers, but if you are genuinely researching some part of the Sheldon family, and will contribute your own resources, then we can enter into a dialogue for mutual benefit. To make comments, corrections and to add material please contact the webmaster (


Obviously we have made every attempt to verify the accuracy of information on this site, but as with all genealogical data it can be wrong due to mistakes in transcription. We cannot be held responsible if data is used without these usual caveats about accuracy.

Sheldon Tapestry

The Sheldon Tapestries
produced by the Beoley Sheldons in the Middle Ages in Middle England

Bigland Pedigree

The Bigland Sheldon Pedigree
covers the Beoley Sheldons from 1400 onwards

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