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Genealogy of the Sheldon Family
United Kingdom Pages

This section of the web site is dedicated to describing and documenting the Sheldon families in the UK. There is very little information here yet, but this shows the outline of how I would like to document information we have.

There are seven groups which we will consider seperately. These links are working - but little or no information is included yet. Please watch this space.

1 Bakewell The families originating in Bakewell and related areas of Derbyshire
2 Beoley The Sheldons who moved from Rowley to Beoley, Broadway and Spetchley
3 Rowley Regis Those who stayed in the "Black Country" around Rowley Regis
4 London The Sheldons who ended up in London, having emigrated from elsewhere
5 Devon The Sheldons of Devon
6 All other places All the other Sheldon families
7 Sheldon variants The Sheldon variants such as Shelden, Schelden etc.
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    April 13, 2013